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Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
1.02m x0.76m

The sun's out for you my love
The air still and cool as you like it
I see that smile lighting your eyes
and you lips turning up...delighted

Time to hang out the washing again
The rain is done, the earth washed clean
These mundane tasks...Only once we're gone
will we understand how much they mean

A gift from God made just for you
This life as pure as it comes
To sun-filled days and starry nights!
May your heart be full of joy as you journey on...




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These bold collages span one to two square metres. The collages embody emotion and movement through the layers and allow the viewer to interact with the work visually and through touch… The use of acrylic paint makes the work relatively hard-wearing…


The beauty of expressions... Pitt is a soft charcoal that allows for lovely textures and contrasts, making it well suited to portraiture. It continues to be my favoured medium.


The paintings are abstract and convey a mood or play on a theme…

Commissions & Sales

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