Pitt on paper,

What is being required of me here?
– Unknown

When we are genuinely interested, we are not crowded in by thoughts of “what if,” “I hope that,” and “If only.” Instead we are poised, soft, and open to what will arise. We are simply interested in life… Asking questions shifts our attention to the state of wonder, the place where our creativity and intuition arise.
– Wendy Palmer, The Intuitive Body


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These bold collages span one to two square metres. The collages embody emotion and movement through the layers and allow the viewer to interact with the work visually and through touch… The use of acrylic paint makes the work relatively hard-wearing…


The beauty of expressions... Pitt is a soft charcoal that allows for lovely textures and contrasts, making it well suited to portraiture. It continues to be my favoured medium.


The paintings are abstract and convey a mood or play on a theme…

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